Wednesday, February 8, 2012

First Love and TAST

Since I had to make an ATC for The February swap on Stitchin Fingers, I decided to do a few different ones on the theme, which naturally, was love for February.   I now have twenty, in various stages of  disarray and as I just got home and had no ATC, I did a quick one.
Basically, the background is collaged bits on the theme of love, then a little metal heart charm.  Some gold letter stickers spelling out THE word and some glitter.  So now there is no excuse for not making a valentine!
Over the next few weeks, We will all probably get very bored of  love and hearts, but I was so surprised when I sat down to begin designing.  It was actually quite fun.  I usually avoid hearts as a design element, but I filled a whole page with scribbles, which I haven't photographed, because they are still packed from my trip, but will show tomorrow

Now that it is week six in TAST2012, I have my week 5 sample finished, lol.  Week 5 was herringbone stitch.
The top sample on the gree chiffon in a dark green was my first one.  A bit boring, I thought, so on the one below, in a paler green thread, I went back over it and looped a purple thread around it.   See Sharon B's handpicked highlights, here. I'm afraid I was not very adventurous this week, but now I am home and able to stop worring about going anywhere, I'll work harder on this week's sample, which is....  Chevron stitch.

Ah well, I think my inbox will just have to wait until the morning, with all the other housekeeping that has not been done for a few days as I'm a bit tired.

Happy creating.

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  1. Love your little Valentine ATC, Vicki, really sweet, and that's something, as I'm not keen on 'hearts'. Your herringbone looks nice. I'm not being very adventurous with mine, just making up the numbers lately!! Time isn't on our side obviously. Take care.


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