Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An ATC of an entirely different flavour

Mmmm, Today's ATC is very different.  I wonder if you can work out what is different about it?
It's not the style, which is a bit steampunk/grunge.  It's not whether it's paper or textile or both, it's something else entirely.  It has lots of layers, which is new for me, but that's not it.
I like this ATC very much and I have used some new materials.  very different from anything I have used before.  If you can guess, then I suppose I'll have to give you a prize, won't I?
You can pick any one of the last two month's ATCs and I will sent it to you.
Here's a hint.  I haven't been able to do much whilst I have been sick, and this was easy to do whilst sitting quietly.  Hmmm....
I will put a slideshow on the side bar for you.  Anyway, it is now 20 minutes to midnight, so I have to post, or I will turn in to a pumpkin.

PS if no one guesses, I'll just choose a random comment.

happy creating


  1. Lol - what a lot of fum. Not very good at these sort of mysteries but here goes: a net backing then paint applied, then stamping. something to make the paint thicker me thinks. Then shredded something - wool???? then a wonderful butterfly stamp - using what looks like mod podge or the like. What ever - I love it.

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  3. Try thinking a long way out of the box. I might have used some of these things, Wendy, if I had made it that way. Don't concentrate on materials, but the process.

  4. Love the old document foundation; is it a house title deed or an indenture replica? Photoshopped image printed out on muslin then embellished by hand - there is no way the stamped images would go over the ridges without breaking up. The document print is over the ridged background as well.
    I'm not into computerised arts, so I'm probably way off! If you did not use PS I would love to know how you managed it, lol!

  5. Hi Vicki, love the ATC. I'm with Spinning Down Under and think you've either taken a photograph of your own [looks like cracked ground to me], or created an image in PS, and added layers and/or brushes. It's certainly very, very nice, I LOVE it. Again, take care, and hope you are over the worst of your ailment. Cheers.

  6. Wow this one is different! No heart. I see that it doesn't look as though you used any beading on this one. It seems like you painted an old document, then tore it up. It looks like you then placed the torn pieces on a white background giving the impression of ridges, took a photograph and added additional layers, like the butterflies with stamps. This is really different from your previous ones.


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