Friday, February 17, 2012

Triple heart

Here is today's ATC
This is another one on felt, with two burgundy organza hearts and a paler pink organza over some pink hand dyed cotton in the centre.  A bit easy peasy.  I have been working on a very complicated one, but can't show you until the mail arrives in Holland for my swap partner.

Our storm raged all night and has left me with a bit of a migraine, so nothing to show and very difficult to look at the computer screen at the moment.
I'm sure I will be better after a good sleep and have something for you tomorrow.

Even if your creative oasis is only in your mind, visit it often


  1. nice little ATC - sometimes easy peasy is just what is required. I suffer from weather related migraines, too - no fun! I hope things settle down for you soon.

  2. It looks like you are getting what manages to slip past us here in SA, not good for creating! You now have me wondering whether to take part in a small ATC swap, no paper allowed, so you really are a bad influence - not, haha! You make it looks so easy, and who needs paper or card anyway, lol!

  3. If no card is allowed, I use a piece of heavy interfacing to keep it stable, or use batting and quilt the heck out of it!


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