Sunday, February 19, 2012

a bit of wax

Thought we'd have a bit of a change from hearts for today.  This one is totally a paper one.   Background is embossed paper (dry embossed not heat - ie it had a texture pressed into it)  with melted wax crayon applied with a soldering iron.  The stamp used permanent ink and the lace is adhesive paper lace painted with a gold leaf pen (I actually placed the stamp too far to the right, so I added the lace to make it look as if it was supposed to be where it is).
The quote says:

Use what talents
you possess
The woods would
be  very silent
if no birds sang
except those that
sang best
Henry Van Dyke

Excellent advice, I would say.

Unfortunately, I am still under the weather, (which at this present time is starting to thunder again.  I thought it was SUMMER!), so not much to show, but hopefully I am getting better.  Today was a tiny bit better, so maybe tomorrow will be too.  I am starting to get withdrawal symptoms from being away from my sewing machine!
I have been doing a bit of papery stuff  - in other words, stuff that  doesn't involve any dangerous machines, so hopefully, I'll show some of that tomorrow.
Still no email, so sorry if you have written me.


  1. I do hope you are feeling much better and soon!
    I love the brightness of the crayon wax in this one, and the quote is definitely one to remember.

  2. Love this one too! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. This one is beautiful too Vicki. So sorry to hear the bug is lingering, and the weather awful. Very hot up here today. Take care.

  4. This is definitely a keeper!!

  5. I hope that bug doesn't have you down for very long. I like watching your creativity at work. The way you used the soldering gun and wax crayon is very intriguing.


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