Monday, February 6, 2012

A harlequin and some painting messes

This one was inspired by lisa's one here 
When I found these little bits of card already cut into diamonds, I knew what I had to do!  Luckily they fit nicely across one way.  When I was looking at it deciding whether to put another row cut in half, I had a lightbulb moment and thought about the stitching.
Black cotton, glitter coloured card, perle thread.

And some more painting!!!
After I had printed on all the different surfaces, I decided to paint the scraps to use in collage.
Light Lutradur.  I liked the way the watercolour bled here.
A few face wipes.  I was dropping watercolour onto damp fabric from dropper bottles.  With these, I scrunched them afterwards to blend the drops a bit.
A gorgeous piece of inferfacing.
A piece of fusible.  This might come in handy as an overlay in a landscape as it is so subtle, but really, my watercolours were too dilute for the normal painted fusible effects....... but
This is the release paper. and I am in love with this!  I will just have to try and repeat it.  Obviously, if the paint is too dilute, it just settles into the paper, but this paper is gorgeous.
A nappy liner, which is very pastelly and had a similar problem to the fusible.  Too many holes, but is very filmy and nice.
and a last piece of interfacing, which was a bit too wet, but again had lovely edges where the watercolour dried.
At least with these,  I can always add more layers if  I'm not happy, but all in all it was a productive session.

Lots of materials for fabric collages!  Perhaps I'd better make a few.
I am going away for a few days, to visit with my mother, but will still be posting.

As Lisa says, be creative

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