Friday, February 3, 2012

In the toy box and watercolour

another simple fabric card
As you can see, my tranfer went much better this time.  toy theme fabric, vintage boat embroidery/applique, transparency transfer.  Buttons.
Aren't these the cutest little buttons?  A friend gave them to me and I just had to use them they were so cute!

I have been doing a bit of playing with paint, mostly for use in my artbooks and in fabric books.
With this paper, I wet my paper first  (too wet as we shall see) then dropped watercolour randomly all over it and let it move.  Then I applied different things to them as they dried.
Here they are with their additions, drying.
This part of the paper had bubble wrap added whilst drying
This sectioon had salt crystals added
This section had scrunched gladwrap (saran in us)
This section had nothing added.
As you can see from the dried pieces, the colour faded a lot.  Water colour does become less bright as it dries, but my mistake here was to over wet the paper so it took a very long time to dry and as a result, the colours spread too far and became washed out.
Although I did not get quite what I was after, the pastel washed out paper, will come in useful for backgrounds.

Of course mishaps like this always lead to more 'what if...'s'  than I have time to complete.  what do you think about living to 150?  Do you think I'll get bored by then?


  1. I love all the different watercolor effects!

  2. Oh; these watercolor effects are beautiful! I love them and your fabric card is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my Blog and leaving your lovely comment and thanks for letting me know about the Blog link. I'll be back here for sure. Marilyn

  3. Lovely papers! Even though not quite what you had in mind, they are beautiful subtle colours & will make great backgrounds or a base for further layers.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  4. Thanks for doing all this experimenting. This is a very creative technique and it looks like there is no limit to the fun you can have. I think you should definitely shoot for 100, at the very least!!


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