Friday, December 27, 2013

Collages 16 to 20

Here are a few more collages.  I am amassing a collection, now and know I will always be able to find some inspiration by looking through them.

This one has two hand dyes, a cotton and two pieces of felt.  The central green square is washi paper.
This one is all furnishing fabrics and a piece of felt across, again.  I like these thin lines.
This is a furnishing fabric, but it is turned to the back side, showing these chenille threads that are woven into the front.  The leaf shapes are cut from ultra suede, and I think they echo the pattern in the background nicely.
This is a needle felted mess.  but i am sure I will play with it later.  I just felted lots of scraps of fibres down, with no thought of a theme, then added the leaves and flowers on the left from my sample box.
Another needlefelted foundation.  This one is made from offcuts of felt that I was given a while ago.  My husband said it looked like cow hides, but I can see lots of birds flying around.

Happy creating!