Thursday, December 26, 2013

heavy metal

A bit late blogging today, I got sidetracked by a little patchwork project and it is nearly time for bed.
We had a nice, quiet Christmas day and are now getting back to working.
today I am showing a WIP which is not textile, but does have fibres in it and a tiny bit of weaving, but it is not finshed as I want to do a lot of stitching on it.

It is a tree or shrub, made from copper wire (retrieved from the power supply of an old computer) with leaves cut from copper foil and copper mesh (which were stolen from my husband)
The background is Japanese washi paper fused to felt with fusible webbing.  The paper is very textured and I am looking forward to stitching on it.  I will also be securing the leaves properly with some stitch and beads.

Oh, and theweaving?  If you look to the very bottom, you can see that I wove the stems together with some fine wire and I really liked the effect.  I think I will be making some embellishments using this technique - in fact I have the perfect background for such embellishments.

Happy creating!