Monday, December 30, 2013


I was actually inspired to do a tiny little bit of patchwork!  I was watching just hands on TV, which is an english online quilting site. the video was japanese folded patchwork by Lesley Brankin (which is a subscription video, but you can see a preview of it on the site).
We have done a lot of this patchwork at our quilting group, in fact I made a lovely bag out of it a few years ago, but the difference here is that Lesley pieced the fabric for the circles first.
See how this design is a simple sort of butterfly.
However, on the back....
You get a cute little kimono shape!
I enjoyed this immensely and I might even create a quilt!  But don't expect any results very quickly.  I think this might be a project to do when I don't want to do anything in particular.

Happy creating!