Monday, December 9, 2013

Collages 2 to 4

So here are my collages from the last few days.  As you will see, they are all very different.  I am afraid I probably have enough and varied 'stuff' for a million of these. I have down sized as well, so that they don't take such a long time.
This one has a motif added, just because it was there.  I have used satin (it looks black, but is a deep purple), baby wipes, chiffon, organza and embossed foil
This one is very simple and was inspired by a piece of baby wipe that I only ended up using as the strip across the centre.  I found the piece of mesh from an orange bag and it became the focus. I have used satin, quilting cotton, another baby wipe, plastic net and two little brads to hold the centre on
collage 4
This one was again inspired by the green baby wipe which I made into a border.  I found this lovely piece of pleated black satin (a fabric sample that was already edged and the perfect shape), then went to find something for the centre.  I spent five minutes looking for a square template to cut the monoprinted fabric, then decided to actually cut a circle. After it was put together, my hubby suggested that he could see a landscape in the little circle, so when I need something for inspiration, I will know exactly what to do with this one!
Hope you are enjoying this as much as I am!

Happy creating!