Sunday, December 22, 2013

Collages 13 to 15

I am really having a ball making these collages.  I don't have any rules and just put together what makes me happy.  In the new year, I will start doing some embellishing, but really I can see a great reference building up and of course I am using up fabric.

This first one is very simple and uses shirting fabric.  This one is really just about the colours.  The fabric was very thin and I can see the shadows where it overlaps.  Instead of worrying about this, I am thinking that the stitching might make a feature of these areas.  Remember there is no such thing as a mistake, just a new way of thinking.
This one has a wide variety of fabrics, from chiffon, to metallic textured, satin, tulle, organza and even some heat distressed chiffon.  In the centre of the piece on the tulle, is a fragment of the fabric that inspired the arrangement of the fabrics.  In this one I am embracing the frayed edges and untidiness.
This one was inspired by the colour scheme of the floral fabric at the top centre.  It uses velvet, textured metallic and satin, satin, silk, painted chiffon, baby wipe.

As you can see there is on theme to my collages.  I am exploring art elements in a very broad sense line, shape, space, texture, value and color and always learning about what I like and what i don't.

Happy creating!