Thursday, December 12, 2013

Monoprinting mania

In recent months I have become obsessed with monoprinting.  I do have a synthetic gelatin plate, but I find it much easier to get good prints using a plate made from gelatin.  The moist nature of the plate and it's softness allow the use of lots of different things and my favourite are leaves from the garden.
today, I have been printing most of the day.  I uploaded about 35 prints and since this was not all of them and they all have at least two layers, it means I printed around a hundred times.
Here are a few of the prints I did today, most of which will go into my new leaf sketchbook, either bound in as pages or as collage elements.

These two are probably my favourites.  both of them were failed prints, but when they were overprinted, the messy background became the focus.  The great thing about printing leaves is that after you print the empty silhouettes like these above, you peel off the leaves and viola'-

You get these leaf prints which have all the veins of the leaves in them.  I love them.  They are like magic.  If you clock on the photos, you are taken to flickr to see them closer up.  Also, you can click through to see my other prints, that I won't bore you with.

This last one is also a technique I like to get with the leaves.  Overprinting to get the leaf shapes filled with pattern.  I could do  this for ever!

Happy creating!