Monday, November 4, 2013

A little bit of lace

So, day four for Art every day November.  
I felt like a bit of lace.  something I read last night prompted me to get out the water soluble stabiliser today, but of course I can't remember what.
I put two layers of light solvy in a small six inch hoop (upside down for free machine work)
Then I traced a design from a vintage DMC needlelace pattern book with a permanent marker.
Then I put it under my thread painting machine and started stitching. As you can see, my machine has been through a few woes and had to have a band aid, which is nearly falling off.  It also has no feed dogs or foot (I removed both)  This is the way I thread paint, but of course I do not recommend it to anyone else as there is a slight danger you might skewer yourself with the needle.
And here it is with the stitching done.  As you can see I did not always follow the lines and I added the edging myself because I felt the edge needed a bit more.
The next step is to cut it out of the hoop and wash it in running water to remove the solvy and dry it.
Here it is after washing and drying.  I love the imperfect, old look of this type of lace.  If I wanted perfect, I suppose I'd buy it.  But this will be perfect for my crazy quilt, which is on hold until next year, when CQJP starts again as I have joined it so that I will get my quilt finished.

This challenge is certainly helping me to work every day!