Friday, November 1, 2013

A stitch every day for November

OK, so I have been absent a bit lately - again.
i have signed up with Leah Piken Kolidas over at creative every day for art every day month.  I thought I needed to challenge myself both to blog and to stitch every day, so that is what I am doing.
Today, I finished the free motion on a quilt I was working on at the start of the month.
Here is a shot of the whole quilt and I don't think there is any cotton fabric in it!  It is all my favourite organzas and satins and lots of other stuff.  Tomorrow is our local monthly quilting day, so I intend to square it up and bind it then.  Oh, the size is approximately A1 or about 85 by 55 cm  or 33x23 in.

here are a few close ups.
I can't say my free motion is ever perfect, but it creates gorgeous texture anyway.
On another note, yesterday I went on my annual hike up the mountain (only a little one) behind my house to look for bush orchids.  I only found two, but at least i did find two.
This one is called a caladenia and is usually very easy to find, but not this year.  It is about an inch, or 2-3 cm across, so very small, it is pinky-white, but sometimes they are pink as well.
This one is even tinier.  The little yellow flowers are less than half a cm or 1/8 inch across.  I am not sure what it is, besides being an orchid and I have never seen it before.
So, after trudging for hours, that was all I found.  I might try again when the ground dries up a bit as it was very green and these orchids don't really like that. They seem to pick the most inhospitable areas to grow.
that's all for today
Hopefully I will be back, tomorrow with another few little stitches.