Thursday, November 28, 2013

A bit of background

Day 28 of AEDM.  I can't believe I have lasted four weeks!
Today I have been working on some backgrounds.  I have lent my heat gun to a friend who has a deadline looming and am feeling the loss of it quite deeply.  Being so used to just drying a layer and moving on, it has been a little bit of a trial to have backgrounds lying around all day drying!  And they took longer than usual, because it has been raining all day!

Here are a few of the many journals awaiting the moment of drying!
and a few close ups of the pages.
This spread was some collaged tissue paper prints in my butterfly journal.
This is a spread using complementary colours (red orange and blue green).
And this is a spread in my journal using a dabber bottle.

And for those who liked yesterday's page, here it is after a bit more work.
Happy creating!