Tuesday, November 5, 2013

a fabric monoprint

Today, I did some work on a fabric monoprint I made a few weeks ago when I went a bit overboard with gelatin printing.
I have layered it with a piece of felt and quilted all around the flowers and am in the process of beading it.
The dotted stems, I am beading with those bugle beads  and You can see I was trying out how I wanted to bead the buds/flowers.
Here's a close up of these two ideas, one where I just space beads around the bud and the second where I covered the whole edge with beads.  the monoprint is two layers and the flowers were overprinted in a dark blue.  these beads are a sort of iridescent dark blue and I thought they would be perfect.
I often take pictures of my work at different stages so I can work out how things are working.  Having it in a small picture helps to  work out how things are showing up.
This picture obviously helped, because I actually changed my mind totally and did something altogether different.
I decided to embroider a lattice and put the beads on it like this.
And here's where I am at with that.
I am liking how this is turning out and hopefully will finish it by the end of the month.