Saturday, November 9, 2013

Using up the leftovers

I was mixing up some spray inks, which is a very messy job, which my hands can attest to.  For clean up, I use baby wipes and generally I keep these stained baby wipes to use in my fabric collages.

As you can see the colour is amazing.  How could I possibly throw  these out?  But wait there's more!
When I was ironing them dry, my ironing cloth got stained - oh dear!

but what gorgeous fabric it made!  I can't wait to stitch it.
I am very late posting this, day 8 of AEDM, because I had tons of trouble with the internet last night.  It is actually day 9 here already.  sometimes posting on the weekend here is a bit problematic, so even if I can't post over the rest of the weekend, i am still creating every day.
Make sure you do as well.