Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hangy things

The other day, I was reminded about machine tassels when watching a video by Gina Ferrari (on just hands on).  I have  also seen Linda Kemshall make these, (both these videos are subscriber ones)
So I made a few and these will probably find their way into my crazy quilt.
It really is a simple process that is not too different from making them by hand, but if I can do it by machine, I will.
This is my jig, which differs from a hand one in that a hole is cut in the centre, where I sew over the thread.
Here are a few after I have zig zagged over the centre part and cut them off.
You can see all that happens is that they are folded over and secured.
But this morning, I wanted to doll them up a bit and was looking for beads and found some fabric and paper beads.  These, I simply threaded on.
The top set have fabric beads made from a textured silver fabric and the bottom ones have beads made from a lilac foil lolly wrapper.
I am quite happy with this little addition.  Must get onto crazy quilting to use some of these things I have made recently.

Happy Creating!