Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Digital drawing

I have been doing a lot of reading and watching art history lately as preparation for the next tangled textiles challenge.  One thing which has bothered me is where art is going.  What is the "New" art of this 21st century? Post modernism seems to be a mish mash of everything as artists find their ways again after the upheavals of the last two centuries.
One new thing is digital art.  There are many new artists who use technology to make their art. and I have resisted this because I felt that it took the hand of the artist away and made everything too perfect, but I have found a few people on the net, who use digital art which I like.
One is Myriam Kozik, who uses patterns to create designs, and more recently, Terry Grant of twelve by twelve fame, who has just started using digital sketching.
So I had a go.  This will be my post for T for tuesday and I will also post it as a comment on Terry's Blog, to participate in her exploration as well.
I am only using a very basic fee sketch program on my android, but later in the week I will be getting a graphics tablet,which I am looking forward to.
Here is my first sketch
A bit too much white space, it really needs cropping and is as simple as you can get.
And here is my second sketch.  I had fun with this one and played with the different brushes.  I can see the potential of this type of drawing and can see the benefits, like not having to worry about wasting paper, which I think can set you free.

Hope you liked my little adventure!

Happy creating!