Thursday, January 30, 2014

A day off

Today I was having trouble with my muse, so I just dropped the routine and did some painting.
A couple of days ago Cloth paper scissors and Create Mixed media hosted a webinar with Mary Beth Shaw.  It was, of course, on using stencils as she is the stencil girl.
I was really inspired by the sketchbook she used in the webinar and felt like playing around with her techniques.  (The webinar is available here.)
So here are a few pages, which are really backgrounds, but I like them so much I think I will just fill the book with them.
Obviously this one is a favourite, with all the leaves.
This one is a bit more geometric.
Another favourite, with lace sort of designs and purple of course.
Another purple one, but with lots of different stencils on it.
I did enjoy doing this, at least until it got too hot in my studio and the paint started to dry on my fingers and the make up sponges before I could get it on the page.  Stencilling is best kept pretty dry, but not that dry.

Happy creating!