Sunday, February 26, 2012

only a card, she says.....

Today, I only have an atc to post, mainly because it took quite a while to construct it.
Here is the front, it is mattboard, painted with acrylic.  The butterflies are die cut from melted wax on paper, and acrylic painted paper.
Here is the back.  More of the same.
As you can see here, it can stand up on it's own.
when it is standing up, you can peek inside.
And outside.
I'ts a 3-D atc!
It is based on a design I saw on youtube.
I also looked on the author's blog, but the instructions were a bit scanty.  You will find it in the archives under december 2010.

So I made most of it up myself.  Of course, now I know all the pitfalls, I can make one which is a bit nicer!

It has been really hot again, here and I am not taking it well, since being sick (do I ever?), so mostly this weekend I have been researching folded embellishments and mini books on youtube.
Here is my lap pad with a few of the thinks I have played with.
It was a lovely way to spend a few hot days, but deadlines are loooooooming again.

I think a bit of sewing is going to have to happen!

Be creative!