Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Third tile and a fibre experiment.

OK, today's ATC is the third in the tile adhesive series.
On this one, I laid on some plastic netting from a fruit bag while the tile adhesive was still wet.  Then I dripped the watercolours and gold acrylic, and liked the way the spreading was contained by the netting.  I stamped with a clear stamp and added some embossing powder when it was really dry, however the surface was too rough for the stamp, although you can see it in places.  When I heated the embossing powder, the fruit bag netting started to shrivel up and as it did, I saw these great grid lines left behind, so I took it away and continuedheating.  I like the textures in this one.

Now, yesterday, I said I was going to try to create the digital ATC I showed.  I forgot to say that it was made from the natural breeze collection from digidesignresort.
So here is the digital design.
to make the real one, I started with a piece of thick interfacing and a piece of muslin.
I used a little bit of black and white acrylic pain and a straw, to make the background, because that's what it looked like to me.
On the right above you can see that I had a bit of trouble when opening the tube of black, lol
 I used the straw to make little circles all over the fabric in grey, but it looked a bit too stark, so I blurred it a bit with my fingers and a bit of water.
The next layer I decided looked a bit like some sequin waste, so I cut two pieces, however, I toned the shine down with a brush over of white paint (or I could have used gesso)
Next were the leaves.  I decided to uses some velvety artificial leaves I had had lying around for ever and cut them down out of that.
I arranged the leaves where I thought thet should go.  I left the stems out.
I cut a little tag out of cream card and roughed up the edges.  I had a few gos at this and a few pictures did not get taken,  but I went around the edges with a sepia marker and added some sepia smudges and pretend writing.  I added a small suare of brown card and threaded through some twine coloured crochet cotton and loosely draped it, then stapled it.
 I found some pieces of silk carnations I had had out a few days ago and cut them down to the size and shape I needed, which was quite a bit, if you count the grid squares in both pics.  It is the same board.
I coloured the flowers with a bay blue marker (water soluble, not permanent), then went over this with a darker blue (not shown here) at the edges.  It looked a bit harsh, so since the markers were water soluble, I just wet them to let the colours bleed a little and scrunched them at the same time to give them more shape.
I placed the flowers and thought about the centre.  It looked like wax to me.
So I got out a cheap brown crayon and my soldering iron and got a piece of loosely knotted thread ready.
I melted bits of the wax crayon into the centre and pushed the knot into it.  Voila! 
For the little glittery embellishment, I put a piece of acetate under the flower etc and wrote on it with a blue marker.  I tried a glitter glue pen, but it just ended up a gluey mess.
I am not happy with this part and intend to change it, as;
  •  I remembered I have some glittery blue madeira metallic thread that  I had out yesterday to embroider some fireworks.  
  • The sequin waste is still too bright and I realized a layer of organza would fix that and also provide a better base for the glittery embellishment
  •  the brown wax needs a bit of gold shine
 and then it would work out perfectly, but much as I want to reassemble it now, it is 11pm, and I won't be doing it tonight or my hubby will not be pleased with me!.
Here they are together.  My picture is a bit dull, due to being under fluorescent lights at night.  Not quite right yet, I think.  I will repost when I have made the changes I thought of.

It was fun having a go - and that's what art should be about, what you love and enjoy doing.  If you are not enjoying it, then you will find it hard to create beauty.