Saturday, February 4, 2012

A bit of ribbon and some tissue.

 Today I went to a meeting of ATASDA Vic (Australian textile art and surface design association),  so hi to any of you surfing the web.  We had a great day and had a silk paper demo from Elma who creates lichen inspired sculptures using crochet.  Fascinating
Today's ATC is decidedly floral
I used a piece of the collage background I made here.  The flower is some rolled organza and satin petals and the text is printed on a transparency.  bound with organza ribbon. 

I followed a link from Lisa's blog to that of an extraordinary artist, Marilyn rock.  I was inspired to create some stamped tissue papers like she showed in her video, but I decided instead to print on the tissue with my computer.
 As you can see, they printed quite well.  I actually used greaseproof or kitchen paper instead of tissue, but I'm sure if you ironed the tissue out flat it would work.  I just tend to use kitchen paper for layering tissue as it's cheap and works well.  The images I used were from  the graphics fairy.

I used a gluestick to glue the paper to the top of a piece of printer paper.  (I put an oversized piece of tisse paper on and trimmed it down after I glued it)
I found it ran through the printer quite easily.
And as you can see the print is excellent.  I can't wait to use these in collage.  I did find, however that the images bled if I used matte medium, but if I used neat white glue, this was minimised, But I will show more about this in a later post.

Thanks for the lovely comments yesterday.  As always, it is the supposed mistakes that people like the best, lol, but I appreciate them all the same.

Now, I need to get into my sketchbook because I have an idea for my balance challenge!

Have fun creating - and do it all the time!