Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine 3 and some logs

Today's ATC is using free machine embroidery on red lutradur with a crimson cotton backing.  I did some seed stitch  on the background to serve as quilting and faced it to the back.  I originally was going to heat distress the lutradur after the free machine stitching, but decided I liked it better the way it is.

I suppose everyone would be shocked if I said I was working on some piecing.  This is background I am working on for one of my tangled textiles ideas. (I have a few different ideas, so this might not be the one I end up posting)
This an electric quilt layout of what I am aiming for.  It is log cabin in a sunshine and shadows layout with the colours going from black to mid brown.
Above are the outline layout of the quilt and the block foundation.  (I am going to paper piece it!)
Of course, the next job is to dye the fabric, which I will do using the dilution method and two stages.
That means I will dilute out my brown stock five times and use these to dye six pieces, then I will dilute out the black the same way and add it in reverse (ie lowest dilution of brown with highest black and so on)
Hopefully, I will show you what I mean in the next week and my results.  I want the fabrics to have lots of texture, so we will see how I go.  I am no expert!

Just a short one today as the power has been on and off due to thunderstorms and it took me a long time to get this done.  I did clean out my studio during down time however, so that is a plus!

Nature is the inspiration for all that is beautiful in art.