Wednesday, February 8, 2012

First Love and TAST

Since I had to make an ATC for The February swap on Stitchin Fingers, I decided to do a few different ones on the theme, which naturally, was love for February.   I now have twenty, in various stages of  disarray and as I just got home and had no ATC, I did a quick one.
Basically, the background is collaged bits on the theme of love, then a little metal heart charm.  Some gold letter stickers spelling out THE word and some glitter.  So now there is no excuse for not making a valentine!
Over the next few weeks, We will all probably get very bored of  love and hearts, but I was so surprised when I sat down to begin designing.  It was actually quite fun.  I usually avoid hearts as a design element, but I filled a whole page with scribbles, which I haven't photographed, because they are still packed from my trip, but will show tomorrow

Now that it is week six in TAST2012, I have my week 5 sample finished, lol.  Week 5 was herringbone stitch.
The top sample on the gree chiffon in a dark green was my first one.  A bit boring, I thought, so on the one below, in a paler green thread, I went back over it and looped a purple thread around it.   See Sharon B's handpicked highlights, here. I'm afraid I was not very adventurous this week, but now I am home and able to stop worring about going anywhere, I'll work harder on this week's sample, which is....  Chevron stitch.

Ah well, I think my inbox will just have to wait until the morning, with all the other housekeeping that has not been done for a few days as I'm a bit tired.

Happy creating.