Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hydrangeas and some time - finally.

Today's ATC is back to the traditional fabric ATC format.
Well, I suppose what I call traditional.  Dark green batic cotton, cotton batting and backing, metallic hand stitching.  Origami Hydrangeas (That's what I call them because the remind me of the tiny little flowers in a hydrangea spray, sequins and beads.  Ribbon square bound edge.  This one I just made up as I went along, after tea.  I don't think you can see it in the photo, but the little origamis are very dimensional.

Now what was that about time?  I have been very busy with friends setting up a community art studio, where we will run workshops on fine art as well as popular crafts,  I have been organising our supplies and today, we had our first session with the painting group and we all really enjoyed it.  I have not really done any serious painting for a long time, but I did do some work in my sketchbook.  I hope we will cater for everyone, from totally petrified beginners, to the advanced, and all the different styles, from watercolour, oil and acrylic, to decorative painting and abstract, landscape, portrait etc if you get my drift.  We will also cater for children's and adult's craft work, for example life drawing,  making cartoons, woodwork, dream catchers, altered books, cards and scrapbooking as well as beading.

Wow!  I hope we don't do all of that too soon, or I'll have no time to blog, lol
So back to the time.  I now have a full five days free to work on a million projects, most of which need to be finished by mid march, some a little sooner, like the Flowerdale art and craft show, on the second weekend of March and some slightly later(like a few days, lol), like my Tangled Textiles challenge which is the 15th.

so, hopefully, I will have lots to show you over the next few weeks.
I appreciate all your messages and love to be able to share with you.

Be Creative