Monday, May 27, 2013

a quick one

Just a short one to establish that I am still here, lol.
Things have been very hectic here, though not on the stitching scene.
I have been running around, teaching and have also started a course with Linda and Laura Kemshall, which I have been wanting for so long.
So, I have done almost no stitching this week, which is a bit strange for me.
Just to give you some eye candy, here are some bit and pieces I had in the Gallery last week.
A few bracelets I made a few months ago.
Needlefelted cuffs.  One with stitching, one with no stitching at all!
Some brooches.  The three found ones are neddlefelted, the two butterflies are organza with free motion.
Two small needlefelted landscapes with free motion and beaded dragonflies.
I obviously had a lot more than this, but these are the new pieces that I have not shown before.

Be creative every day!