Thursday, May 2, 2013

humming birds of the sea

I have only just got back into the studio today.  Tuesdays and most of Wednesday, I spend most of my time at the community house, quilting, teaching kids art and organising art groups.  As much as I enjoy these activities, I am always desperate to get back to my own space on Thursdays.
Today and last night, I started out with my journals.
I did a few backgrounds with lots of dripping, which I love.  The ones on the left used soft pastels and water and the ones on the right used watersoluble oil pastels and water.
This page, which is of some stylised sea dragons was done with watercolour pencils and started with a simple green scribble on the page which turned into the sea dragons.  The page had been previously gessoed and I played with some inks in a waterbrush to create the blue background.  My DH said they looked like birds and I thought they looked like hummingbirds - so 'hummingbirds of the sea'.

I did a little work on my collage from a few days ago - well, actually a few hours worth, although it doesn't look like I did much.
I finished the gold centre (I left the centre open for some french knots or beads later on) and roughly outlined the 'petals.
You can see here where I have started to define the petals and also to scribble around the flower in a pale green to tone it down and allow the flower to be the focus.  And why did I stop?  The usual reason, running out of bobbin thread!  Tomorrow I will wind a few with bobbinfil, so I don't have to stop so often.

And that's all she wrote!