Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mixed media flowers

I have been a bit sniffly for a few days, so no posts, but I have done a little.
I got the idea for these little floral pieces from a video by Margaret Applin. What I have done is totally not what she did, because I don't have any thermofax screens, so I worked out a way to do something similar using my own methods.
What I have done is to paint gesso onto a piece of fabric.  When it was dry, I free motion embroidered a dover design (not my own, alas) onto the gessoed fabric.
I painted the flowers using water soluble pencils and a water brush.  It was a very quick job.
Next I will do a little hand embroidery and beading before matting them up properly.
Here are a couple of close ups of my stitched outlines after painting.
Neither the stitching, nor the painting is perfect, but that is the effect I  wanted.  They are a bit like pen and ink sketches which is what I was hoping for.

And that's all she wrote, today.  Happy creating!