Monday, May 20, 2013

At the gallery in Flowerdale

Yesterday was my monthly gallery day.  Every month on the third sunday, I open a little gallery in a building next to our market.  When I first started, It was just my hubby's and  my work on show, but slowly and surely, I am starting to get other people to put their work in.  It's pretty labour intensive, since it all needs to be set up and dismantled on the day, and the other artists showing their work need to pick it up the same day, but generally it goes reasonably well.
I thought I might show a few photos of what it all looks like.
This is mostly my husband's work although there is one of my collages in the background of the left picture.
This is a little table of bits and pieces made by the quilting and craft group.
This is the Arts group table, with a display for the next workshop, which is bookbinding - next week.
This is my table, although the doilies at the front were made by another craft group member.
And this is a double sided stand, made for textile work (please ignore the little pile in the back  Everything is transported in tubs and they and the cloths have to go somewhere, lol). I have another (they were made by my DH) which is designed for paintings.  They both fold up and fit in the car.
So that is my little gallery, hope you liked this little peek.

happy creating!