Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Quilt and craft group

Today I was at our local monthly quilting group.  I was working on charity quilts.  One is finished, the second is nearly pieced.
I thought I might give you a peek at what the others were up to.
This is a Nancy Halvorsen pattern, done by one of the girls for her daughter.  She is very patient with applique and embroidery and I know this will be a quilt to treasure.
This is a glorious red and white needleturn quilt that is being hand quilted.  There are so many different reds and the embroidery is  beautiful.  It is gorgeous to look at.
This is one of my charity quilts.  It is a very simple design, but uses some of a collection of teapot and tea cup fabric I had been collecting for years.  I love it, but I thought it would be better served in home that will appreciate it.
This is a very large black and cream/pink courthouse steps  quilt being quilted by one of our ladies.  It looks very complicated and is rather dramatic.
This is a rather complicated and interesting star block which is being hand pieced.  Many of the contrast fabrics have gold on them and really caught my eye.
This is a really bright orange and white strip quilt, with interesting snowball type rectangles that I am told are all pieces from the scrap bag.  This lady always does interesting patterns and has beautiful taste in fabric.
And this last one is a stitch and slash sashed nine patch that we did a workshop on a few years ago.  This is the second one done by this lady and as you can see it is all going very well.  It will be good to see this one together next time.

So that was my day, stitch, press and cut, then stitch some more - with lots of chatter in between of course!

Create every day!