Wednesday, March 9, 2011

waterfall 2

Well, i have done a little on my waterfall since last week.  At the moment I am busily preparing to go away for a few days.  I have had to put my planned blogs back a bit, I will still be blogging, only they will be some blogs I prepared earlier, then back to normal on Saturday.
I have couched the falling water in place, although I will add a little more, including some angelina to the waterfall and the foam.  The white of the foam is too stark, and needs to be added to.  The ripples in the pool turned out well.
Even though I see things that I feel need altering, I will not do it until I can see the whole piece together.  The dark cliff and the ferns and other lace that need to go on will alter the movement and the focus, so it is best to wait.
Welcome to my new followers, you brave things, keep tuning in as I have a few things ready to post whilst I'm away.