Friday, March 18, 2011

A Landscape of your own - 2b

I have gotten this tutorial together for you.  Today we will look at decorative stitch embroidery on our landscape.

So far we have cut some strips and arranged and fused them.  It is a simple landscape, but a really easy one to start with and one that can be changed in many, many ways.
 For the sky, I used straight stitch and a slight curve.  You can see where I turned at the ends, here.
 Next the far away hills.  I have used straight stich in an up and down motion (I used the reverse button) to cover the whole hillside.  I used a grey thread and allowed the purple to show through.

The next hillside was with a matching olive green thread.  I used a programmed stipple stitch along the edge of the hill here.  I went over it twice to fill.

On the next hill, I again only stitched the top edge.  Variety in textures will give depth.  The thread was a slightly lighter thread.  The stitch here was an  angled blanket stitch down the diagonal slope.  Again, I went over twice to fill.

In the layer above, I used a bright green with a wide blanket stitch.  Starting at the top, I overlapped the blanket stitch rows and offset them.

In this last layer, I actually went over three times.  The first time, above is  in a dark green with an alternating branch pattern, and in  the second one (below left) , I used a variegated thread, and a very narrow satin stitch, spacing them apart and having irregular heights.  Finally I used a wide double blanket stitch at the bottom.

Below is my practice fabric.  I always have a practice fabric, so that I can test out tensions and patterns on it before I begin on my actual work.  When you change colours and bobbins frequently, you need to test everything on a similar piece of work - every time.

Here is the piece in a piece of mount board 3x5 in. 

There is no way to ever be the perfect artist, but a million ways to be a good one. 

I will show you the embellishment  tutorial next week.