Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I worked on a few different projects today.
 Here  are some cats, traced onto white fabric, ready for an embroidered quilt (wow I do do some handwork!)  I have traced using a heat removable pen. The cats will be outlined with stem stitch, then beaded and embroidered.
And here is my first cat - done in grey with metallic bugle beads.

I have been working on the cliff for my waterfall and have finished the first stage of the thread painting.  Below is my fabric, basted on to two layers of water soluble stabiliser, in the hoop and some of my browny threads I have picked to use.  I will probably add some ochre and yellows as well, but later.

Below is the first stage, outlining with darks, not very dark or black, these will be added if required later.  I also do a little shading in the dark areas at this stage.   Not too much because there is still a lot of thread to go on!
I also selected fabric for a charity quilt for my local quilting group
It will just be a simple courthouse steps.  The four solids are in the print squares. I haven't decided whether to have diagonal rows of the different colours, or just random.

Just to amuse you I thought I'd put in this picture of my baby boy asleep in my parchment paper box on my sewing table.  He always was a basket case!
Thread painting tomorrow,  Happy stitching