Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thread painting for spring

I decided that we will continue with these little thread paintings, and cover a few techniques with each one.
I have got a few ideas for different types of landscapes, but since it is spring over in the northern hemisphere, I thought we might begin with a daffodil.
Above is my pattern, which you can find here.The pattern size is 6x4 inches or A6 size.

 Obviously, with this pattern, it is important to trace the pattern backwards because when we fuse it it will be a mirror image, This is because the picture is not symmetrical.  Above you see my paper backed fused fabrics.  What I do is take the paper off, trace the pattern pieces and re-fuse the paper BACKWARDS, in other words I place the pencil next to the fabric.
And here they are cut apart.  I remove the papers and rearrange them in the backing.  Using my own judgement.
Above, the pieces are arranged in a pleasing way, so
I fuse them down inside the line marked from the pattern.

Here is a close up, showing the colours more clearly.  There are two colours for the petals and trumpet.  The two back petals and the underneath part of the trumpet are a  darket colour.

We will start defining the flower next week, so get your green and yellow threads ready!