Friday, January 3, 2014

leafy prints

Anyone who knows me knows I am mad about gelatin monoprinting.  I do not have a gelli plate, but have a silicone rubber plate my husband made me.  It works for most things, but not really for plastic or card stencils.  When I want to do that sort of thing I make a gelatin plate.  You can find instructions for that just about anywhere on the internet by typing in 'gelatin printing plate'  I add an amount of glycerin to mine and it lasts for months.  When it gets a bit tatty, I just remelt it in the microwave.
However, one thing the silicone plate does extremely well is leaf printing, and of course, I love leaves.
The other day, I did a few prints on chiffon.
Isn't the detail on these prints glorious?
What I do is ink the plate (sorry, roller paint onto the plate) add the leaves, vein side down.  Then I get rid of the paint around the prints by just printing off on paper.
I get a print like this.  Sometimes I overprint on already printed papers.
And I get something like this, so then there is no waste with the paint.
However back to the leaf prints,  I still have the leaves on the plate, but there is no paint around them  any more, so I carefully lift them up and do another print and get the leaf prints.  Voila!
The prints look a bit pale' but you have to remember they are printed on transparent fabric and in reality, they are quite visible.  These will most certainly find a home in my fibre art pieces.  Very yummy!

Happy Creating!

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  1. Oh wow. I have an old sheer curtain. I may have to try this. Thanks for the inspiration. I like how they turned out. Subtle, but beautiful.


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