Thursday, January 30, 2014

A day off

Today I was having trouble with my muse, so I just dropped the routine and did some painting.
A couple of days ago Cloth paper scissors and Create Mixed media hosted a webinar with Mary Beth Shaw.  It was, of course, on using stencils as she is the stencil girl.
I was really inspired by the sketchbook she used in the webinar and felt like playing around with her techniques.  (The webinar is available here.)
So here are a few pages, which are really backgrounds, but I like them so much I think I will just fill the book with them.
Obviously this one is a favourite, with all the leaves.
This one is a bit more geometric.
Another favourite, with lace sort of designs and purple of course.
Another purple one, but with lots of different stencils on it.
I did enjoy doing this, at least until it got too hot in my studio and the paint started to dry on my fingers and the make up sponges before I could get it on the page.  Stencilling is best kept pretty dry, but not that dry.

Happy creating!


  1. Yes, the hot weather plays havoc with the paints! Hope a cool change moves in for you. Your pages are fab - love the colours.

  2. As I sit here trying to keep my fingers warm while typing, I feel for you on the other side of the world trying to find a cool spot to sit and relax in. I don't own any stencils, but I thought I might make one or two later this year to go with my new Gelli plate. I sure like how you have combined yours, because the colors, as well as the composition take them out of the realm of background and into the realm of completed art. Very lovely.


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