Sunday, January 26, 2014

Using up the baby wipes.

I tend to use a lot of baby wipes in my painting.  They end up being covered with beautiful colours and I find it impossible to throw them out. When i was folding fabric the other day, i thought perhaps I could fold them.
Here is a selection of wipes I used to fold blocks.  I soaked them in some strong starch, then squeezed them out and laid them between paper towels to dry, then ironed them.
Here is a selection of folded blocks.
And a close up of one of the folded units.  I have shown how to fold these here.
Of course after I had folded lots, probably about thirtyish, I needed to decide what I wanted to do with them.
In the beginning, i just put them together in a traditional manner.
My net idea was to space them in rows and to intersperse the rows with plain, unfolded pieces, which would give me more scope for free motion embroidery.  These are sitting on a piece of blue felt marked with chalk, but I think I need a background fabric which contrasts with the matt surface of the blocks, so I am thinking of a black satin, as I intend to do the stitching in gold.  I had also thought of having a japanese print with them to accent the origami theme. I do have a gorgeous Mount fuji type print that might work (if I can find it)
Anyway, that's where I am at!

Happy creating!


  1. these have worked well, I have had a box of nappy liners in the drawer since I did my C & G in the 90`s! Can not remember what we did with them but I know it was a certain brand we had to use, Boots the Chemist ones were the only ones that worked. Did you paint straight on to the liner or how did you colour them as they are very effective. Have done this folding, no doubt you can guess where from yes Jennie

  2. the humble wipe up cloth takes on a whole new outlook! Love the idea of the satin with them. You are brilliant!

  3. very cool! I have a bag filled with painted/dyed wipes! Not sure what I will do with them but I have used bits and pieces along the way

  4. I love this post. I had ages of baby wipes and also the colour run washing sheets but threw them away because I didn't have any ideas to hand and I wanted to clear clutter out. Better start collecting.

  5. These liners have turned out in really pretty colours. Love what you are doing with them.

  6. Oh I love your folded baby wipes! I'm looking forward to seeing your final creation with them!


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