Tuesday, January 14, 2014

T for tuesday

Here is my contribution for T for tuesday. I must comment for Elizabeth's benefit, that this was a lovely cup of tea, of course served by ME.
This is a pastel drawing in my sketchbook.  I have always avoided using soft (chalk) pastels in my books, because of the smudging, but I have found I can smother them with hairspray.  It alters the colours a bit, making them darker, but really I am finding I am enjoying getting messy with pastels again.

I am also NOT working very hard this week as we are having quite a heatwave and my studio is not bearable, being just a converted verandah.  Of course I am also keeping up to date often with what is happening on the fire front, not much activity yet, but I am watching!

Happy Creating!


  1. lovely piece, looks so realistic.Lets hope you get some rain to suppress the fires, it must be hard watching them slowly advancing and knowing there is not much you can do about it. My father got caught in a bush fire when he was young, strange the topic comes up today as it is his 30th anniversary sine he passed away today

  2. OK, I must live in a closet, because I had NO idea you were worried about fires. I was aware that your country has a drought problem on much of it, but I was not aware of the fires. Now I'm saddened, because first you have all that heat, and now the threat of fire.

    I really adore that drawing. I think I own some soft pastels, but I'm not sure. I do know I was given a pan pastel, which is supposed to be similar to the chalk pastels. Of course, I had to smudge it, not realizing I needed to use some kind of fixative on it.

    I used to recommend cheap aerosol hairspray to set chalks, etc., but one time I was at my Household Hazardous Waste Swap and Shop and found a nearly full can off Krylon Fixative. It's got a matte finish, so I love it. Of course, once it is gone, I'll go back to buying cheap hairspray. Glad you shared that technique with us, too.

    Thanks for joining T today. It's always fun to see your drawings and paintings.

  3. I've never worked with pastels, but it sounds like you found a good solution to the smudging! It would be no fun if your masterpiece was destroyed by closing your journal! Happy T Day!

  4. Oh wow! Love your drawing. I do so wish I could draw like that. Great tip about the hairspray. I have a few pastels though not sure what I do with them, but at least if I ever venture in my sadly neglected journal, I know how to fix it.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  5. love your drawing and that teacup. so pretty!

    i hope the fires get no closer to you. the fires look so scary when i see them on the news!

  6. Lovely drawing. I haven't used pastels...I have 3 that came in a box of stuff but they just seem to sit there. I love the look of them in your drawing.Take care!
    Happy Tuesday!

  7. Beautiful! I have a new sketchbook and will have to see if pastels work in it. Pencil smudges that I already know.


  8. Great pastel drawing. I use the Krylon Fixative for graphite and anything else smug able, even over water soluble media if wanting to add on top of it. Great stuff, and haven't noticed a change in color, but good ole cheap hair spray works well too...LOL I just can't stand the smell of it
    Happy T-day

  9. Happy T Day! Your drawing is great! Back when I used to have chalk pastels, I did the same as you--use hairspray as a fixative. Whatever works, right? :)

  10. Lovely pastel drawing...especially well done on the hand! stay safe, and happy T day!

  11. Oh my, a heat wave and the threat of fires...what is the world coming to!? We have had rain now...(It feels like it anyway) every day, except one this year! You send us your sun...to dry up the floods and we'll sent you our rain to cool you all down! Lovely cup of tea! Happy T day!
    ((Lyn)) #13


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