Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tea pots and stuff

Here is my contribution for T for tuesday.  Nothing very exciting like a glorious restaurant like Elizabeth's.
I have showed this teapot before, but not this page.  It is a teapot my grandmother gave me and the painting is of the tea plant in flower.  I have also added some collage leaves.
I am working on a couple of projects, which I hope to show you soon, but of course we are having another very hot week after a little break which was glorious, but is now over.

Happy Creating!


  1. I tink this is the first time I have seen the tea flower, very pretty

  2. Until recently (last spring, in fact) I had no idea tea flowered. Your flower is stunning. It deserves center stage, which you have given it. It seems when I think of you, I think of leaves. You have done them justice here, too.

    Thanks for sharing t(ea) with us today. You always have something beautiful to share.

  3. what a treasure to have a teapot your grandmother gave you! fond memories every time you have tea :)

  4. a really lovely spread! beautiful painting of the bloom...

  5. Your pages are beautiful and what a treasure that teapot is too!

    Happy T Day

  6. a lovely spread and gorgeous flower and leaves. How I wish it was so hot here instead of frigid-I never di mind the heat of summer...happy T day!

  7. Oh My! This is beautiful Love that pot and your pages do it justice.
    Happy T Day!

  8. Great collage page. The tea flower is gorgeous.

  9. I remember the tea pot, but adding the flower just makes both pages sing.

    I didn't know tea flowered either......good to know


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