Monday, January 27, 2014

tablet tangles

i recently bought a graphics tablet to use for drawing.
I can't say I'm very adept at it yet, but I am practicing and trying to build up my stash of drawings to use.  Both in thermofaxes and in my textile art. as stitching patterns.
Here is a little toadstool I drew last night.
And a sunflower.
And before you praise me for my drawing skills, These were traced from photos I took, but any of you who do textile work can probably see how these would be great for applique of free motion stitching.
I still have to get the hang of lots of other techniques on the tablet, but I am getting there.
One thing that is important to me in my art, is to create sketchbooks, which can then inspire textile work.  these are now an extension of that sketchbook and will be incorporated into pages for sure.

Happy creating!


  1. these are beautifully done, can see this tablet being used a great deal,

  2. Hi Vicki, I don't much like my tablet. I am too used to all the functions of a computer and much prefer that. But I have downloaded Brushes and tried a bit of doodling. I love the way you can replay how you drew it - very entertaining. But I only use it as a last resort so far. Good luck with the drawing, I can see how they could be developed into lovely art works.

  3. You come up with the most incredible things to play with. I would love to spend a day in your studio and pick your brain, learning from you all the wonderful things you have to play with. Simply incredible art that I can definitely see would work well for applique.

  4. Clever you! This will be a great aid for designing.


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