Friday, January 31, 2014

CQJP2014 January

I have just finished this in time for the end of the month.
I have sent it to the Crazy Quilt journal project 2014 blog and it will go up there soon, I expect.  I have enjoyed finishing this block and have used a few different things I like.  The butterfly is actually a felt scrapbooking element and the tiny doily is one I tatted.  I have actually cheated in one area and used free motion.  I wonder if anyone can spot it?
I love embroidery, but I get bored with large areas of the same thing, so this project is great for that, and for satisfying my need for embellishments of all types.  I can pick it up and just do half an hour here and there and it slowly builds up to something really complex.
Now on to February's block......

Happy creating!


  1. You have a LOT of work in this block. I'm in love with it. Wish I could hand stitch, because I so admire what you make. And you have given me an idea regarding your felt butterfly. I bought some large felt crowns at a scrapbook store on clearance one year. I was going to use one as a mask, but the project fell flat and I was left with a hideous mess. Now I have a better idea how to use one. Thanks. Once again, you've inspired me.

  2. good to see your first block and I am sure FM is allowed. Love the butterfly and your tatting, all very ncie

  3. This is amazing. So much details ... so much to look at and enjoy. And this is only one block?!!! Wow!

  4. You certainly are a lady of many talents, Vicki. The tatting, the hand embroidery and the other embellishments all add up to a very creative block.


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