Monday, February 3, 2014

Free motion daisies

You might remember I drew a daisy from on my digital tablet from a photograph I took at the florist.  i did say at the time that I would be using it in textile work.  And I have.

Here I have free motion embroidered the flowers on some yellow chiffon.
I have also made a large foam stamp from the picture as well and I think that might be used on the background fabric that I will put behind them.  I also think that a third flower, perhaps smaller is in order to balance the composition, but I am looking forward to the stage of hand embroidering as I want to do lot of french knots in the centres!
Sorry I've been absent for a few days - weather and computer worries!  The weather got hot and the computer didn't like it.
We have a few cool days in store now, so I will be in the studio working hard, although the quilting and Art groups recommence this week, so I will have to drag myself away for those.

Happy Creating!


  1. I would love to try my hand at free motion, but my machine doesn't allow that (or maybe I just haven't found yet how to do it ..). Sounds very interesting what you plan to do with this ....

  2. Like denthe, I have no way to drop my feed dogs, but I hope to learn free motion stitching sometime soon. I love what you are doing and look forward to seeing this project as it unfolds. You never cease to amaze me.

    Glad you have cooler weather. It's supposed to snow 4-6 inches between tonight and tomorrow night where I live. Looks like I'll be snowed in for awhile (grin). Right now, we still have ice on the ground. I'm as tired of my weather as you are of yours.

    1. You can simply put some sturdy tape over the feed dogs when you are stitching, but really, if you are nervous, some machines will allow you to loosen the foot tension and you can free motion with the dos up.

  3. Enjoy your cooler days, Vicki. Free motions stitching and I are not very good friends. You did well with doing it on organza - it is going to be lovely with the hand embroidery added.


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