Sunday, February 9, 2014

odds and sods

With the hot weather, I have been holed up in the main house with some hand sewing, so today I will show you a little project I completed this week
You might remember I was making these little folded units here.  I was thinking of making them into hydrangea like flowers, but I changed my mind and made a box out of them.
Here is the box and lid.  I have not as yet covered the inside, but the part of the bottom that is covered by the lid is covered with a satin ribbon.
Basically,  I made my box from some recycled card and as it is a cube, each face was the size of nine units.  I made the top face of the lid slightly bigger - less than an eighth of an inch - so it would slide on properly.
I am really liking this little box and like the way the little units are textural like tiny little flowers.

Happy Creating!


  1. And this adorable box is going to be the inspiration for you to clean your studio, RIGHT? OK, that was a joke. But I DO love the box and hope to see how you complete it and put it to use. It's truly beautiful, and it reminds me that spring (and hopefully better weather) will soon be here.

  2. very pretty, not sure how I missed this yesterday, but better late than never

  3. Nice way to use the folded squares, Vicki


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