Thursday, February 13, 2014

Things to do whilst teaching

The last two weeks of Art class have been very quiet, so I got out a canvas and played around whilst my students were working.
and this is what I ended up with.
Although  I like parts of it, I have absolutely no objectivity regarding it and am unhappy with the flowers.  Probably, this is because I tend to put a lot of detail and structure in usually, but with this I used mostly a palette knife, which does not allow for detail.  I did add some detail with gel pens yesterday, which improved it a lot.
What I need to know is does it appeal?  Would you like it on your wall?  Don't just say it's nice, because you think you couldn't do it (I believe anyone can make art if they approach it from the right point of view).
I don't often have pieces of work that I am unsure of like this, so I need some real constructive criticism.

Happy creating!


  1. I would hang this on my wall. If you are uncertain about its appeal, perhaps adding a little bit of lightening around the little buds might help. They seem to get a bit lost in the background.

  2. Not sure I know how to critic any painting. OK the one thing that I feel uncomfortable with is the highest flower and it's stem seemed a bit rigid. But I don't know what will make it not feel that way.
    Hmmm ... your phrase "anyone can make art if they approach it from the right point of view" is making me think now. I am not sure I have the right point of view ... I am still trying to find myself.

  3. your flowers are popping off the page, yes I would hang this on my wall if only I could find a spot as they are all ready too full! Now I realise why you impress with your art work I did not know you taught it, very lucky students

  4. I like your palette knife approach very much and find this a beautiful painting. If I were to make a suggestion I would add a little more variation in the petal colors, keeping them purple but different values and tiny dashes of other colors to add interest without the viewer noticing anything other than purple. Now, blowing it up again I see you already have different values so perhaps just the addition of other color? And yes, I'd hang it on my wall too.

  5. And here I was thinking what a LOT of detail you put into those flowers, only to read you don't believe you did. Aren't we our own worst critics? And yes, I would gladly hang it on MY wall.


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