Saturday, February 22, 2014

A bit of a round up

I have a few bits and pieces on the go at the moment.
Firstly, I have been doing a bit of free machine sketching.
I have  squares of fabric next to the machine and I try and have a bit of a sketch each day.
Also, all the printing I have been doing has given me a few ideas.
These are a few prints on voile (Sorry about the orientation, I forgot to rotate it), pinned up on the wall that I am thinking about.
This is one of the prints.It looks very pale, but that is because the fabric is transparent, that I was trying out with a frame, but unfortunately slightly too large.  but then...
I tried this print, which looked really good, so I layered it up and started stitching.
I am loving how the stitching is making the leaves pop and am looking forward to adding a bit of hand stitching and beads to this after I finish the machine work.

Also, when I was down at the opp shop (charity store for those in the US), I spied this-
beautiful trim.  It looks like coloured lace in this picture, but it is actually about four inches wide.  I am itching to find something to use it on!

Happy Creating!


  1. I love those printed leaves Vicki!
    Happy weekend!

  2. What a different quilting makes!! The leaf piece will definitely be a winner.

  3. They say the key to successful fmotion stitching is practice. It is showing in your latest pieces. The leaves certainly do pop with the quilting.

  4. That second piece you put under the frame really WORKS. It is going to be stunning when you are finished with it.

    Lucky you to have found that lacy ribbony whatever at the op shop. Not sure what to call it, but I can see it being quite useful.


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