Thursday, February 6, 2014

Free motion filling in

you might remember this quilt that I started recently
I have been working on the free motion on the black organza

I am doing a spiral sort of design on this one.
As you can see, my free motion is not perfect, and I still have not trimmed the edges of the leaves.  that will be the next step before I quilt the background.  I am still umming and ahing about what to do there.  I am thinking about gold thread but whether or not to do some shadowy  leaf shapes or more abstract designs eludes me at present.  We will see.....

Happy Creating!


  1. love the spirals, one day I will master the technique but not sure where to start

  2. Wow! In my eyes your free motion IS perfect ....

  3. For someone who doesn't have free motion capability, I think it looks perfectly perfect. I like how you dig in and go for it, never letting anything get to you.

  4. I think your free motion looks fabulous!


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