Monday, February 24, 2014

Digital drawing day - two domestic items

I have had a few days with a bad tooth.  Hopefully to get fixed tomorrow.
So I am a bit late with DDD today.
The theme for this week was two domestic items speaking to one another.  I thought of "the pot calling the kettle black"  and this was my quick half hour sketch.
Have a look over on Terry's blog for hers and June's interpretations, which were much more imaginative than mine, but perhaps I can be forgiven as pain is not very condusive to creativity.

Happy creating!


  1. I really like these! You have captured the metal of each really nicely.

  2. do hope you get the tooth sorted, tooth ache can be a real pain! very good sketching

  3. Ouch! Hope you get your toothache fixed. You've captured the metallic sheen wonderfully

  4. Very nicely done! They do look metallic. Looked like you are really having fun with your tablet.


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