Monday, February 10, 2014

In memoriam

first. I have a little brooch to show you which I put together this week.
It was inspired by a recent video on Just hands on TV.  i did not use the method shown in the video although my beading is very similar.
I used a milk bottle lid for the top and a cardboard circle for the bottom and covered them both with velvet, by cutting  circles and gathering them to the back.  The back circle has a fabric circle on both the front and back and a brooch finding sewn on.  then I basically beaded around each.  I also put a sequin and bead on the top.
I quite like the result and think it will make a lovely gift.  Now, just as I am writing I am thinking that perhaps I should make some leaf shaped ones!

On a more subdued note,  a few days ago was the fifth anniversary of the worst fires in Australia's history, which ravaged my home town, and I have started a piece of work informed by it.
I was inspired, by a couple of blogs, to do some free motion thread painting, which I have not done much of lately.
Firstly, I happened to glance at Monika Kinner-Whalen's  blog and it reminded me of thread painting.  then I was looking at Olga Norris' blog  and saw some amazing work by an inspiring artist called  Audrey Walker.
All this made my fingers itch to do some thread work and when I looked through my reference photos, I found this rather blurry photo I took a month or so after the fires.
I wasn't concerned about the blurry nature of it because I intended to simplify it anyway.
And here is where I am at with this.
If I was painting with a brush, I would call this the blocking in or underpainting stage.  All I have done is stitch in the basic areas, very lightly, allowing for more stitch in detail to go over the top.
I am enjoying doing this and I will definitely be posting more as I go further on.

Happy Creating!


  1. very cute broach. Your thread work is looking good!

  2. I do like the brooch, you are certainly using hand on more than me, I must spend some time on it, the stack and slash I did from a lesson by Valerie. The piece to remember the fires by is llooking good, what a terrible thing to have gone through so very frightening and knowing there is little that can be done to stop the fires. My Dad got caught on the edge of one in his late teens in Victoria.

  3. I am just now reading a book about the Black Saturday fires. It must've been so horrible and frightening. It's beautiful that you can express it in a piece of art! It's looking great already!

  4. I remember seeing photos of those fires, and the memories of them still make me sick. What a horrible experience, I'm sure. This is going to be an amazing piece once finished. I like how you've started it, and how you explain to us lay folk what you have started.

    BTW, that is a great brooch, too. I have lots of "milk" tops (actually 1/2 and1/2 tops) I could put to good use. Thanks for the inspiration.


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