Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A fabric page

I was inspired by a friend's post about fabric books and this is my first page
The central leaf is free motion sketched and I have added some fabrics for the background and some leaves cut from lace.  I also stamped some leaves over it.  I have actually done a lot of stitching on this, but I'll show you that in a later post.

I have also been working on my sunflowers piece that I talked about here.
I started again, taking everything down and was a bit more picky about what I put up.
This was the arrangement I came up with.  But there were some other things I wanted to add to it, so I took some off
The bottom was a little bare, then (black felt), so my next step was to take this picture into my digital drawing program (artrage)
I added some text.  Studio of the south was vincent van gogh's dream, which never came to fruition.
Then I got down to some drawing.
I forgot to save some process versions, but this is where I ended up.  At the top is a sketch of the yellow house where Vincent lived in Arles.  At the bottom is an impression of one of his last paintings and under the top sunflower is a section from one of his letters.  I am quite pleased with this layout, although at present I have no idea of how I will transfer these ideas to the background.  I think there might be a thermofax and maybe some needlefelting and lots more free motion embroidery.  I might also add a bit of paint to the bottom sunflower, but we will see.

Oh and by the way I am a bit behind with visiting blogs, but I will catch up in the next day, sorry.

happy Creating!


  1. It is so interesting to see the progression of your ideas in this piece. I like the contrast between the softness of the sunflowers and the bright texture and color at the bottom. Thread painting with a thick, varigated thread in the bobbin might work for the texture at the bottom.

  2. Really lovely results with your mixed media pages! Stunning!

  3. I'm offline for a couple of days (due to another power outage at first, then my ISP was out for a day) and when I came to visit, I was blown away by the changes you had made to your blog. Although I also enjoyed the previous layout, I think I prefer this one better.

    Your sunflowers blew me away. I have a mouse pad of his bedroom in the yellow house in Arles. I got to see the original at the Art Institute in Chicago, IL (USA).

    I bought a canvas copy of Crows Over the Cornfield many years ago. The first time I saw the canvas, I felt such unease, I wasn't sure I wanted to frame it. Now it's one of my favorites. I'm a huge fan of Van Gogh's work, and love how you've taken the concept and run with it!!!


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